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A Cosplay Adventure Concert

The perfect musical guest for any Anime, Comic, or Video Game Convention!

Bring the Adventure to your town!

A Cosplay RPG Musical

Welcome to the adventure known as "Eien Strife", a show like you've never seen before! This group has come together for one reason, to provide a concert experience that is specifically made for anime/gaming/comic conventions. Since the start of their journey, they have performed in front of thousands of anime and gaming fans.
The members of Eien Strife have toured all over the USA and parts of Japan and are always finding new ways to move forward. The group has put together a show that is full of high energy music, unique cosplay, acrobatic performances, retro gaming animations and crowd interaction like never before seen. Aside from performing their concerts, Eien Strife offers a variety of panels and other ways to make sure that those in attendance always stay excited!

Professional Testimonies and Reviews

"Let me tell you how amazing it is to work with Eien Strife. Not only do they have a unique, creative concept, a fabulous lead singer, great musicians, excellent stage presence and catchy music, but they are also have a very friendly manager and are easy to work with! Would I recommend Eien Strife as a guest at any anime, gaming or other fandom convention? ABSOLUTELY! The crowds of happy fans at their concert, who are clamoring for an encore reaffirmed what a good choice they were for our event. My advice? Book them. Now! "

Zenkaikon Chair & Guest Relations

"For RVACON in its first year, the Eien - Strife group provided a key component to to our customers experience. The Eien Strife group constantly stays in character and develops a storyline full of their personalities which allow the convention goers to enter into a imaginary and magical world. The panels that the group did where highly engaging and thought provoking. The biggest impact was during their main performance Saturday which kept con goers intrigued and dancing. I couldn't have been happier to have them be apart of RVACON and I fully intend to extend invitations to them for future RVACONs"

Alex Gentile - Co-founder RVACON

"We have had Eien Strife twice now at our events, and I can tell you they are absolutely amazing. They are a pleasure to work with, love the fans, and put on a great show. Every band we bring in should be this good!"

Alex Peters - Convention Chairman - Anime World Expos

"Eien Strife was a pleasure to have at Omnicon. They are very energetic, fun, engaging, personable, AND they perform great music!!! A perfect package"

- Angela Anderson - Production Manager - Omnicon

"The whole album is very solid. And at the very least next time Eien Strife is playing a convention or club nearby, go see them. I know I will."

Shawn Scott Smith - writers

The Heroes of
Eien Strife

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    The Story

    The Forest of Terina
    Click below to read about the story of Eien Strife
    Click Here
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    Home - Waterfall Village
    Weapon - Sword
    Abilities - Water Blast, Flying (kinda)
    Weakness - Glomping
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    Home - Treetop Village
    Weapon - Three-Section Staff
    Abilities - Climbing, Super Spaz Speed
    Weakness - Getting into trouble, losing keys
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    Home - ???
    Weapon - Mystic Staff
    Abilities - Crazy awesome fire magic
    Weakness - Being cold at all
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    Home - Stone Village
    Weapon - Bolos or anything he can throw
    Abilities - Mega Strength & Mega Nice
    Weakness - Grumpy animals


Where are you guys from?

We come from the world of Terina. Its covered in a very dense forest and we are working together to save our home from a strong force that is putting everything we know and love in danger.

How long have you been playing at conventions?

We have been on our journey for about 2 years now and so far it has been an amazing fun adventure!

Where can I get more information about your adventure?

You can check out our story book HERE and the best way to get news updates is by going to our Facebook page and giving it a like so you can hear everything that we have to share

Who can do magic in your group?

Lyren is our powerful mage and Cheydra can so some magic as well if she gets some special water. Raien and Kale can not do spells but they sure know how to fight!

What makes your show so unique?

Since we are always leveling up and going on new journeys, our story is always changing! That means that every time you see Eien Strife, you will get a totally new show! So no matter if you see us multiple times a year, you see a concert that is one of a kind every time!

Can you play at my favorite convention?

We are always willing to perform at a convention no matter how big or small! If you want us to put on our show for your favorite con, then the best thing you can do is to email/call/super contact anyone and everyone on that convention staff and tell them that you want to see Eien Strife! We can do concerts, panels, and all kinds of fun events so if you tell them that you want us as a guest at the convention then we promise to make it worth it!

How can I help out you on your quest?

Even though we are experienced adventures, we could always use help on our journey! The best way to stay in the loop is to join our online street team known as -The Harbingers of Terina- (HOT for short). Here is the link! Just request to join and we will tell you everything you need to know that will help us in our adventures!

I drew some fan art! Can I share it with you guys? ?

That would be MEGA AWESOME! Just submit it to our email or on our Facebook page! With your permission, we will post it up on our upcoming -Fan Art- section of this site!

Contact Us

For booking, interviews, and all other info

Telephone: 917-409-7920